Once you have posted with us, other users of SeekforFunds will get to view your post. Once an interested user clicks the “CONNECT” button (only users who signed up with us will be able to use this function), you will receive a notification for connection requested. Upon approval, both parties will be able to view the profile and contact details of the interested user.

How do I upload a post?

You can post by signing up with us or logging in to our site. Having a SeekforFunds account will allow you to post, edit, delete and repost. Once you have logged in to SeekforFunds account, simply click "POST YOUR LISTING". then click on “BE A FUNDER” or “BE A SEEKER” to start posting. Fill in the posting form as provided by the webpage, and when you are finished with your post, check that it is alright and click “SUBMIT”.

Will my posting expire?

Your posting with SeekforFunds will never expire.

How can I edit or delete my posting?

You can edit or delete your posting from your account homepage.

How do I contact the owner of a particular posting that I am interested in?

To avoid spam calls, you will only be allowed to send notification and messages to any users of SeekforFunds via SeekforFunds. Once you have identified posting that you are interested in, click “CONNECT” at the side of the posting. A notification will be sent to the other party, and he/she will be able to view your profile and contact details upon approval. You can also contact the users via instant messaging system in our website