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Nairobi, Kenya
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Dear Sir/Madam,

Thank you for taking time to read this.I trust that you will not be dissapointed.

I am an enterprenuer seeking to start a project in Kenya targeting poverty here.In fact,the poorer one is,the greater the opportinity we exploit.Details below follow.

( My email is: njuguna_justus@yahoo.com)  

The project combines both benefitial effects of democratic elections (not just by those above 18 years or in 5-year intervals ) with that of consumer selection (not just those few with unlimited means while ignoring majority with limited means)to form development by demographic  selection on a perpetual basis.It is in form of a profit-making entity,or better,it prevents others continue profiteering from the majority ,which leverages on the key premise that of 3.7% Kenyans who pay income taxes,at risk of penalty on delay or even failure to pay income taxes,at progressive rates ,money is not spent progressively beneath this tax free level. (Prior to January 2017,Sh121,968 pa /Sh10,164 pm).It has been  Sh134,160 pa/Sh11,180 pm) from January 2017. However as from Financial Year 2017/2018,(starting July 2017)the amount has been raised again to Sh 161,832 pa or Sh13,486 per month.Yet ALL Kenyans have many unmet needs. Each amount matters more the poorer a person is.(USD$1=Sh103;€1=Sh109;£1=129 approx). We act on the answer every Kenyan would say is their need when asked: “If you had Sh161,832,pa what would you do with it?”Of about 26 million Kenyan adults,only 3.2 million pay income taxes,being in employment.However,about 52% of government revenue is directed at 2% of population,an unsustainable proposition.So,we seek to capitalize on this glaring but profitable anomaly.Whatever amount of investment,we consider all Kenyans equal in earning and spending ,from the Sh1 each that we guarantee is provided,rising upwards until the requirement reaches Sh161,832 pa for every Kenyan. This enables every one of 48 million Kenyans decide on their Sh 1 each in earning and spending .Locked in priorities are what direct us to  provide/produce those needs.The poorer one is,the greater the same amount of money means to them. Sh 1 to a person earning Sh100 a day is more valuable than Sh 1 to a person earning Sh4,000 a day,even if it is still the same Sh1. Each need is leveraged from a constant all-share basket of freely-traded shares on Nairobi Securities Exchange.Amounts of investment are in units of $500,000. Every amount of $500,000 invested earns ALL Kenyans equal ownership in NSE companies proportionate to one out of thirty six thousandths  (1/36,000 ths) of NSE  market capitalization(of approx $18 billion) while a maximum daily amount locked in would be one-ninetieth (1/90th ) market capitalization at $206,597,260.27 or about $4.304 per Kenyan per day,being one day’s maximum amount of tax-free income. If amount allows,it can acquire the $18 bn in stocks from current ownership to be distributed equally on all Kenyans,in exchange of their wants.In the government budget for 2017/2018,spending is Sh2.6 trillion (approx $26 bn),of which foreign aid is about 10%.Investors have lost approx $6 billion (Sh600 billion) over the past two years on NSE,and until elections the main index may not rise,but after then it should be an upward march.Being sucessively part owners,we efficiently utilize all existing resouces optimally,irrespective of actions of the main player,government,or indeed everybody else towards providing/producing what is needed. Government spends an average of Sh160 per person per day,while 45% of Kenyans continue in poverty.We start with at least Sh1 per Kenyan,since a lower amount will mean no traction on economic  activities on some people,(ZERO multiplied by ZERO remains ZERO)while the upper annual limit is Sh161,832,with higher amounts falling under the purview of the Taxman.Our actions are not swayed by existing election mode policies and practices:indeed,it is to be a perpetually improving structure for members,even to the 31.5 million seconds of the year,always.We hope to do so over 6,000 centers across  Kenya,but these could reduce considerably one we have digital infrastructure in place.We combine what is democratic elections while involving ALL Kenyans at all times with consumer selection by people,where we do not exclude the have-nots,but treat everyone as equal,to form development by demographic selection in perpetuity.

Besides a £ 10 million UK Bank Guarantee offered 18 months ago I have considerable investor appetite lined up.My need is less than $10,000 to put these together.

My email is: njuguna_justus@yahoo.com 

Kind Regards,

Thank You,


I have interest in participation that would total to a large sum by Kenyan standards.Details on request.