Type of fund: 
Category (Loan): 
Car loans
Receive collaterals: 
West Midlands, United Kingdom
Type of returns: 
Amount of returns expected: 
Tenure of the loan: 
2 Years
Purpose of the funds: 

So i recieved this link from browsing the web and i dont even know if anybody uses this platform if it at all anybody is willing to help (least of all understand the criteria) I'm in need of £7000 to pay off debt and move on with my life. If details are needed i can let you know via private message etc.


I work full time earn a decent enough wage and i could save this amount in 9-10 months but my situation is making things difficult to allow that time frame. I cant turn to high street lending nor another financial institute least of all friends and family. My credit rating is poor due to past mistakes as a young man. I do have little in savings but not enough sadly. My total debt is less than £4000 and with this i will clear that and the surplus will allow me to move on with things.

You should know my credit rating is poor and i cannot loan from high street lenders, banks, payday loans, gurantor loans etc. There is no suggestion that i will pay you back. I can provide documentation of anything you may need to prove i am who i say i am and that i earn what i do.

I am highly trustworthy if that even matters across the internet and i intend to pay back anyone with faith in me.


Thanks for looking.