Type of fund: 
Category (Business): 
Real Estate
Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
Type of returns: 
Amount of returns expected: 
Expected time for ROI: 
4 Years
Purpose of the funds: 

Main aim is to buy a plot of about 1 acre worth about USD 100,000.00 near the City Center (Dar es Salaam, Tanzania) to start with that will be utilised to erect some 2 high rise buildings that will be about 25 storie tall and will consist of some 300 apartments each. Some apartments with 2 rooms some with 3 rooms (1 Master), kitchen, shared bathroom, public toilet and lounge/ sitting room. Construction period of both should be given a minimum of a year maximum. In the 2nd year all shall be ready for people to move in and start renting at the rate of USD 200 only of which in no time the apartments will be filled as this will be most affordable in dar dar es salaam and near the City Center Which most tenants prefer as i am also an experinced real estate agent and work with the most experienced agents in town (some with 20years experience). Just before the completion of the construction (about 2 months before) of the building we shall start running adverts on TV, Social Networking Sites/Media, Radio Stations, SMS Text, Emails  and Newspapers letting the public know of the opportunity.     

At the rate of USD 200* 600 Rooms in Total Per Month it gives us  USD 120,000 (each Month)

now USD 120,000* 12 Months = USD 1,440,000

USD 1,440,000* 2 Years = USD 2,880,000 (This will should happen on the third year, as first year will be of construction)

USD 1,440,000 * 3 Years = USD 4,320,000 (If we wait and get on another agreement at the beginning of the 4th year we shall have the money returned and be able to construct another 2 on a different site that we shall purchase...!

The Tenants (Mostly) shall come from private sector companies and ngo's, therefore giving us assurance in rent payments.

Thank you for taking your time to read this will be glad if you may be of assistance.

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