We provide a worldwide platform to connect individuals or corporations across the globe with similar financial interest.

Business Investments 

Sources of funds for small business investments are  traditionally from close family members, friends or network from close circles. This has resulted in business opportunities only available or offered to small wealth group and consequently has limited the chances of some good business ventures from obtaining the necessary source of funds. We strive to expand the accessibility of funds for these good business ventures beyond those boundaries.

Lending and Borrowing

Through SeekforFunds, lending and borrowing money no longer needs to go through traditional financial intermediary such as bank or other financial institution. We work by matching individual or corporate lenders and borrowers online. Individual or corporate lenders and borrowers can now shop for the financing best suits their needs and interest, and can now negotiate their own terms and rates for the financings, which means greater rates for both borrowers and lenders.


We also provide platform to start a fundraiser online for personal or charity reasons. Online fundraising and donation is the easiest way to raise money for a loved one in need or any other events.

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